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About AirCUVE

Founded in 2002, AirCUVE is an expert Network Security solution development company. It specialize in Multifactor Authentication and Wireless WiFi network access Authentication. AIRCUVE’s major solution is V-FRONT for 2FA and AirFRONT for WiFi network access authentication platform and ByFRONT for intelligent BYOD mobile authentication platform.

AirCUVE is one of major Authentication specialty solution provider world wide. Especially the company focus on the marketing and sales in Asian country and Japan including US as well.

AirCUVE platform keeps evolving into next generation technology with Mobile network environment and Cloud based client environment. And also AIRCUVE works closely with several Global 3rd party vendors in terms of development support and marketing sales activity.

Today, we are now able to work anywhere anytime via mobile devices. In this age of smart work, AirCUVE develops and provides stable and powerful security solutions to continue to grow as one of the world’s smart network authentication and security groups.

AirCUVE promises to be a company that continuously develops and is widely embraced by customers in global markets with the goal of always providing products and services that can satisfy customers everywhere.
AirCUVE Mission statement is “Excellent Quality in Authentication “.
We promise AirCUVE provide smart service to our clients with Authentication Solution Service and the client will enjoy the maximum benefit with AirCUVE.

Witness the future of AirCUVE as it grows continuously alongside of you. Thank you.