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AirCUVE partners and customers can take advantage of this download link. Due to file size and internet connection, if you have any difficulty to download, please feel free to contact us. We will support you immediately.

2FA / MFA authentication ( V-FRONT ) Files

File Name DownLoad
1 AIRCUVE Brief Introduction_2FA authentication & _WiFi authentication
2 AirCUVE Brochure for 2FA & WiFi authentication
3 AirCUVE Leaflet for 2FA V-FRONT
4 AirCUVE Feature Specification for 2FA V-FRONT
5 AirCUVE Hardware Specification for 2FA_V-FRONT HW Server & Token
6 AirCUVE White Paper for 2FA_MFA authentication
7 AirCUVE Certificate

WiFi access authentication ( AirFRONT ) Files

File Name DownLoad
1 AirCUVE Brief Introduction for AirFRONT WIFI Authentication
2 AirCUVE Leaflet for AirFRONT_WiFi access authentication
3 AirCUVE Feature Specification for WiFi Authentication_AirFRONT
4 AirCUVEĀ  White Paper forĀ  WiFi Access Authentication